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We are a band from Norrköping, Sweden.

From left to right

Philip Lind/Vocals, Guitar
William Plante /Vocals,Drums
Oskar Lindstrom /Vocals, Bass
Rasmus Leonardsson /Guitar

Reckless Family 2016


About the band:
Reckless Family was formed in the spring of 2012, by Oskar Lindström, William Plante and Philip Lind in Norrköping, Sweden, and began as an unnamed cover band. They played songs from punk legends such as Green Day and The Offspring in a room in Oskar’s parent’s house. It didn’t sound well but the boys loved playing music together, so in the beginning of 2013 they found a new rehearsalspace and started writing their own music.

They played their first show in May 2013 on a community center in Norrköping. The show was supposed to be an outdoor show but due to a sudden change in weather, everything had to be moved inside. The set included only original material and it was the first time they played in front of an audience. All though the band were newcomers to the live stage, they did pretty well and the music was accepted!

The band continued to write and rehearse their music and in early 2014 they participated in a Swedish music competition called “Livekarusellen”. The purpose of the competition is that bands get to play live no mater who they are or what music they play. Each band plays 4 gigs and the whole competition starts with a one day festival called “Katapulten”. Here, every band that signed up in the region gets to play, which includes Reckless Family.
Their show was a success and thanks to their audience they gained a lot of votes, and during the course of the competition they would get enough votes to get to the semi finals!
At the semi finals, every band had to make a cover of a song that they had to choose from a list of songs with a certain theme. That year the theme was “female artists”. The band chose the song “Some Die Young” by the Swedish singer  “Laleh”.
Sadly, the boys didn’t make it to the finals but with new experiences they would continue to make more music, rehearse and even record some songs!

The band tried and tried and tried to record their songs but never really got the results they were looking for. Things needed to change.

And in 2015, things started to change. They wanted to get another guitarist, and after searching for awhile they finally found their perfect match. A guy named Rasmus. He’d been friends with the band for a while and liked their music a lot, so the band asked him to join. He said yes right away and a few months of test-rehearsals with him would take place. In the end, Rasmus joined the band in may and is now an official member of the family.

The band tried and tried and tried to record their songs for their first full length album during the last half of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, but never really got the results they were looking for. Things needed to change.

Before things changed for real, they participated in “Livekarusellen” again.
This time it went a little better. Thanks to their new fans and friends they climbed all the way to district finals. Here’s when Rasmus Comes in.
The band wanted to make their best show yet and now was the time to let Rasmus join for real.

Thanks to their dedicated fans, and family, the band received the award for most audience votes, but the apparently the people in the jury were not big fans of their music. Ending at 5th place Reckless Family still did what they wanted: Play their best show so far!
Now their focus changed to recording that album. They all decided that they would start from scratch with the recording and thanks to Rasmus’s dad, they got to borrow amazing recording gear. Philip was in charge of the whole recording process. Everything from putting microphones on the drum kit to the final mixes and masters. Philip has recorded and produced almost everything that the band has ever done, and now with 2 years of learning in his bag pack he faced the ultimate test. To make this album AMAZING. The album that would become “I’m Dynamite”

—-List of songs and meanings—-
01.Reckless Family – This song is basically a song about the band and that we are not just bandmates but really a family. A reckless family. And with the song we want to welcome you to the family!

02. School –

03. I Don’t Care – The song I Don’t Care or IDC as we call it, is just a reminder that you don’t always have to care about everything.

04. Endless Dream – From the heart of a relationship the song Endless Dream was born. It’s basically a love song.

05. Rowdy’s Goodbye –

06. Dream –

07. Wasps –

08. I’m Dynamite –

09. Ready McGee and the Growing Bomb –

10. Sowwhite –

11. Teen –

The recording went really smooth, thanks to every single band member being patient and simply amazing at their instruments, also thanks to the amazing gear that they got to borrow!
Now, the post production process would start. Recording started in may but the complete album wouldn’t see a release until October 24th, during the event of the year. The “I’m Dynamite” Realese party! (Photos here)



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Our album I’m Dynamite is now released worldwide on several platforms

Check it out on Spotify or get your own digital copy on ITunes, Google Play Music or Amazon Mp3



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Reckless Family preforms their song I’m Dynamite LIVE @ Dynamo, Norrköping



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